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The Problem

The industry must do more with less. Efficiency needs a step change, but decisions still require data-driven optimization, and there are fewer resources available to tackle the growing volume of unstructured data.

Our Solution

The Delfin platform gives you what you need from your vast volumes of unstructured files. Delfin organizes the information you need into your required format and answers your nuanced questions instantly.

Delfin's leading edge natural language processing allows it to process textual files to extract data and answers the same way a subject matter expert would. There is no need for you to restructure your data, and using our application does not disrupt your existing workflows.

Natural Language Processing is
Revolutionizing Efficiency

The Delfin platform already knows the energy industry. It has been trained on a proprietary database resulting from twenty years of successful energy software consulting. We skip the excessive training time that competing tools require, and we return answers and organized data with higher accuracy and comprehension.

The Energy Industry’s First Knowledgeable Virtual Advisor


Exploit the Treasure of
Unstructured Big Data

Our custom-built platform already contains a base knowledge model that can recognize a majority of entities within your domain with excellent precision. We will customize it to your proprietary information, terminology, and workflow.

Achieve 5x efficiency in weeks.





Delfin is effective, secure, and easy to set up, but what else would you expect from a genius expert with a perfect memory who can instantly be wherever you need it?


Unanswered Questions Threaten the Lifeblood of your Firm

Why might pump pressure have spiked?

The energy industry is process-driven, and ensuring safe and top-quality continuity is of utmost importance. Timely assurance against the threat of dangerous mistakes is worth the lives and wellbeing of the women and men in every firm. That's why Delfin brings you quality answers in real-time. Say goodbye to under-informed decision making. Say hello to Delfin.

The Industry is Ready for Efficiency Software

The energy workforce has halved in size. The new workforce has an average of 20 years less work experience than the people they’re replacing, but they expect and embrace technology. Delfin can close the gap.

Other trends that have boosted our success:

  • A growing need to diligence past and present major decisions as the industry consolidates

  • Cloud-based data management adoption has paved the way for companies to share data

  • Smart devices in the field are inundating knowledge workers with new and disparate reports




This is an opportunity as well as an emerging competitive dynamic one cannot ignore.

The Delfin platform runs on proprietary algorithms developed from merging oil and gas expertise with the leading edge talent available from the data science sector.
The platform isn’t just smart; it’s knowledgeable, having been optimized on data collected over 20 years to add value out of the gate.
Delfin is proudly serving many in the industry, including multiple oil super majors.

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