Atulya V Saraf

Cofounder and President


Atulya’s function involves working with other principals to set the vision and strategy for the company and overseeing marketing, sales, product positioning, operations and finance activities to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy.

Alec Walker

Cofounder and CEO


Alec’s internal roles include team growth and development, product steering, evolution of company protocol, and product management. His externally facing roles include client relations management, case study curation, partnership development, sales, and marketing.

Rajul Rastogi

Cofounder and Director


Rajul Rastogi serves as a Director on DelfinSia, Inc.’s board. He provides guidance on company’s strategy, long-term objectives and business operations.

Scott A Jacobson

Product Design and Project Manager


Scott’s primary responsibilities include conceptualizing the design, function, ergonomics, workflow, and aesthetic of the Delfin product as well as ensuring a timely and accurate rendition of the design concept.

Justin Nguyen

Chief Scientist


Justin is responsible for developing new capabilities for Sia. He provides oversight and research in data science and natural language processing to deliver against our product roadmap and create new value.





Imagine if your firm was not an entity but was instead a person with a clear memory spanning all the experiences and information across the organization. That person would never waste time trying to find information that is not instantly available, would never misuse time focusing on redundant work efforts, would never suffer from the consequences of lost opportunities, and would always make fully informed decisions focusing on the most value-added scope of work. One day, employees will truly represent their firms in this way, instantly and optimally informed by all relevant knowledge, so they can use their skills to maximize value.  


Delfin’s mission is to eliminate the need to manually convert unstructured data into usable formats.


Delfin is defined by its four core values: customer centric, innovative, agile, and pragmatic. Being customer centric is about understanding your paradigm, goals, and needs. We walk empathically in your shoes, feel your pain points, and relate to your efforts, which allows us to narrowly define each problem scope. Being innovative is about cultivating creativity and applying it effectively. When best practices do not exist, we create them. When they do, we explore upgrades. Being agile is about proactive support and flexible follow through. We make sure we are on the same page with you as thing change, listening and adapting to ensure delivery to a commonly understood set of goals through a transparent process. Being pragmatic is about setting achievable expectations and capturing less value than we create. We do not oversell our capabilities, and you deserve to know where our team and our work stand. 

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